Enalees annonces acceptance of binding offer for the acquisition of its human diagnostic branch from Biosynex

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Enalees annonces acceptance of binding offer for the acquisition of its human diagnostic branch from Biosynex


In the context of its strategic development, ENALEES announces the reception and acceptance of a bidding offer for the acquisition of its human diagnostic branch from the company BIOSYNEX. This acquisition focuses mainly on the development of rapid molecular diagnostic tests using isothermal amplification with the goal of identifying infectious agents.



The system, developed by its R&D team in Evry-Courcouronnes at the site of the Genopole Biopark, consists of a patented extraction method and lyophilised reagents. The isothermal amplification technique used by ENALEES is similar to PCR and permits the amplification of specific DNA sequences that leads to subsequent detection of infectious agents.

Furthermore, ENALEES has established a partnership with the company BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES www.bertin.fr during the Covid-19 pandemic for the development of a SARS-CoV-2 screening test, using isothermal amplification to detect the RNA of the virus. This test is validated with the help of INSTITUT PASTEUR www.pasteur.fr.

Besides the existing products, the agreement foresees the transfer of technology between the two firms, permitting BIOSYNEX to develop and produce 30-minute diagnostic tests based on isothermal amplification of the DNA of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and parasites) in the near future, at its own site at Strasbourg, France. These products will target a variety of diseases, starting with Lyme disease, which is already available for veterinary uses. Other tests in the fields of neonatology, tropical and respiratory infections are also in the pipeline. These tests are designated for small laboratories with limited budget and laboratories of urgent care centres.

In addition, the proposed acquisition would be accompanied by the offer of a free license from ENALEES to BIOSYNEX to use the patented extraction system developed by ENALEES.

ENALEES has granted BIOSYNEX an exclusivity period until January 31, 2022.

The final completion of this transaction should take place at the end of December 2021, subject to the conclusion of the final legal documentation by BIOSYNEX and ENALEES. This acquisition would be made entirely in cash with instalment payments depending on the progress of the technology transfer.

« We are delighted by this proposed acquisition of the human diagnostic branch of ENALEES. This operation is intended to complement our offer in molecular biology that began to solidify at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It will accelerate the international development of BIOSYNEX thanks to the abundant interest from distributors in this type of user-friendly and cost-efficient technology. This merger with ENALEES, after the stake acquisition of the American company ProciseDx, and the acquisition of the company AVALUN, fits perfectly into BIOSYNEX’s external growth strategy aimed at reinforcing our offer in the field of rapid decentralised biology. » 

Larry Abensur, CEO of BIOSYNEX


« This partnership is strategic for ENALEES. It fuels our ambition of contributing to the development of rapid PCR industry in France and at the same time, accelerates our commercial development in Europe and beyond. ENALEES welcomes the collaboration with BIOSYNEX, a fellow French company with which it shares many common grounds, as this project shows the clear dedication of both companies towards “Made in France”. This dedication is shown in the recent inauguration of our new production site of rapid PCR tests in the Genopole Biopark in Evry-Courcouronnes, Essonne. The fruits of labour of the entire team of ENALEES, this new unit of production and lyophilisation of molecular tests permits the multiplication of our manufacturing capacity. » 

Laurent Thiery, president and co-founder of Enalees
About Enalees

Created in 2015, ENALEES has more than twenty employees. The company develops and commercialises rapid molecular diagnostic tests for the detection of twelve equine infectious diseases including Lyme disease and equine influenza, using isothermal amplification. After two years of commercialisation, 80% of equine clinics in France are already equipped with the Enalees system. The company launched new tests designated for canine and feline diseases six months ago, making Enalees the leader of rapid molecular veterinary diagnostics in France. Its catalogue is available in Europe and soon in North America. Enalees has recently relocated to a new site within the Genopole Biopark. It has also augmented its production and lyophilisation capacity to a million tests per year in response to its own veterinary diagnostic needs as well as customised production demands from its partners.

 About Biosynex


Created in 2005 at Illkirch-Graffenstaden in Alsace, a major player in public health with more than 200 employees, the French laboratory BIOSYNEX designs, manufactures, and distributes Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs). Their laboratory version offers better medical care for patients thanks to the rapidity of results and the ease of use. Their self-test version permits the general public to self-monitor various diseases, ensuring better prevention and accelerated care. Leader in the RDT market in France, BIOSYNEX is the only player to fully control its value chain thanks to its technological platform which can be used for many applications and adapted to different types of users such as laboratories, hospitals, doctors, and the general public.


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