Enalees appoints Eric Germain as managing director

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Enalees appoints Eric Germain as managing director


In new operational role, Eric Germain will focus on group’s local and national network operations, giving company founder Laurent Thiery more time to build group’s activities in Europe and globally


Enalees, a biotech company specializing in the design, production and marketing of state-of-the-art rapid molecular diagnostic tests for the veterinary profession, based on an isothermal amplification technique (LAMP PCR), today announces that it has appointed Eric Germain to the position of managing director. In his new role, Eric will provide support for company president and co-founder, Laurent Thiery, as the group continues on its path of growth and global expansion.

Eric Germain has more than 25 years’ experience in strategic and decision-making roles, which include being responsible for territorial expansion and economic development. After completing a master’s degree in biology at the Université d’Orsay in Paris, France, and spending his early career in the education sector, Eric Germain went on to various roles as managing director and chief of staff within both private groups and French public institutions including Genopole. In his previous roles, he has headed teams of all sizes (from 20 to 200 staff), helped facilitate change within organizations and negotiated the construction of numerous facilities involving a wide range of stakeholders. Eric Germain has also promoted the creation of innovative businesses in the fields of genomics and the environment in the Paris area.

We’re delighted to welcome Eric Germain to Enalees. He is exactly the kind of person that I want to have beside me. The teams will benefit from his personable and approachable personality and his 25 years’ experience in operational and strategic management of numerous large-scale projects. He joins us at a key strategic moment for Enalees, as we look to build our European and global operations, while continuing our search for funds to meet the market needs and our growth ambitions. ” 

Laurent Thiery, president and co-founder of Enalees

In 2022, Enalees opened its first European branch, in the UK, marking the first strategic step on its roadmap to establishing a European group  specialized in rapid molecular diagnostic tests for the veterinary profession. Thanks to a €500,000 ($537K) subsidy from the Île-de-France region (France), the group also expanded its R&D team and took steps to strengthen its supply and production chains.

Several years ago, I worked with Enalees as an economic and territorial advisor. I am delighted to now be rejoining this dynamic and innovative team, to support the group’s co-founder and president, Laurent Thiery, in all aspects of the business. My priority is to keep Enalees on a growth trajectory, using my managerial experience and network of contacts to increase the visibility of the group among political decision-makers at both a local and national level. It’s my mission to strengthen the business’ position as a leading biotechnology company in the field of animal health, thanks to our expertise with LAMP PCR technology and our lyophilization production process, which enable us to offer veterinary diagnostic kits and services for third parties,said Eric Germain.

In 2023, Enalees plans to open a series of new branches in Europe and set up a new proteomic development & manufacturing facility at its Genopole site. Between now and 2024 the company will also continue its efforts to expand its sales team.

Enalees offers a range of simple, rapid and innovative diagnostic tests for the veterinary sector, which are designed to detect many different infectious diseases in dogs, cats and horses. Based on the company’s unique isothermal DNA amplification technique, these point-of-care tests are both highly accurate and highly sensitive. They can therefore detect the presence of a virus, parasite or bacteria at a very early stage without the need for costly and complicated equipment. Moreover, the results are ready in just 30 minutes, meaning treatment can start the very same day.

About Enalees

Enalees develops and produces rapid isothermal PCR diagnostic tests which enable veterinary professionals to diagnose infectious diseases – both in their veterinary practices and in the field – without the need to send samples to an external laboratory. Its team, which is primarily made up of doctors, engineers and biology technicians, has a particular focus on the development of innovative tests for domesticated animals (horses, dogs and cats).

Based on an isothermal amplification technique, the company’s products can detect 12 infectious diseases in horses, including Lyme disease (or Borreliosis) and equine influenza. To date, 80% of equine veterinary clinics in France use the technology. In 2021, the company also launched ten new tests for diagnosing infectious diseases in dogs and cats, making it the French market leader in veterinary LAMP PCR (Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification Polymerase Chain Reaction). Enalees’ tests are currently available in Europe and will soon be launched in the US.

Founded in 2015, Enalees moved to the Genopole research center (France) in 2016, where it later set up its own lyophilization platform. This new facility enabled the company to increase its production capacity to over one million tests a year, including products for its own animal health business as well as custom tests for its partners.

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